Our Unbelivable Hot Dog

  • Hebrew National's 100% Beef, Kosher, and very tasty 1/4 lb hotdog, Grilled
  • A wonderful, soft and baked in our kitchen bun
  • Great Chili available if you want a chili Dog

• $7.00 for a delicious, Hebrew National Grilled 1/4lb dog

Our Unbelivable Fresh Beef Hamburger

Our 1/4 pound, fresh ground beef (bought daily from local butcher) grilled to perfection and placed on a toasted bun we have baked that day. 

  • Finish off your burger with items form our relish bar or add sliced tomato's and pickles.

• $9 for a delicious Fresh Ground Chuck Hamburger or Cheeseburger

Introducing Italian Subs

  • Turkey, Ham, Veggie Sub : $8
  • Al's Super-duper Italian Sub with 3 meats:
    • • Pepperoni • Capocollo • Salami $10

All Include: Lettuce, Tomato, red onions, sliced pepperoncini, Pickles, Mayo, Salt/Pepper, Italian dressing and choice of cheese  Cheddar • Swiss • Provolone

• Add homemade french fries $2 (we cut up whole potatoes on site)
• Your choice of can or bottle drink $1

Our Menu

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